Month: May 2012

Sticker, Party and Giveaway Time!

Hello My Friends! I love Wednesdays… actually thinking about it, YOU make me love Wednesdays! I get to party with you guys and see all of your new CREATIONS! I am so lucky to have you visit with me every week. THANK Y♥U!   Here are some projects from last week! Let’s do STICKER TIME!     I am loving this Milk Can Lid Pendant Light  from Knick of Time. VERY  YOUnique!   I am giving this project the…     Check out this DIY rustic headboard by Rustic Urban. Pretty amazing what a bunch of wood can do for...

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Book Review: Mod Podge Rocks by Amy Anderson

I was so excited when last week the mailman brought me not just one but two copies of Amy Anderson’s new book, Mod Podge Rocks!: Decoupage Your World.     Before I get into the book let me tell you that I love Amy and pretty much everything she does. Her extraordinary blog is packed with amazing projects all the way from crafts, fashion, to home decor, and so is her book. You are going to love it!   Before I purchase any craft book there are three things that I am looking for. I want the book to: 1....

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Anni’s Candy Birthday Party

  Let me show you first Anni’s Skittles and Nerds Cake…   …and now let me tell you the story behind it! I am not afraid of paint or paint brushes but for some reason cakes make me nervous. It is not the cake itself the part that I struggle with but to make the cake pretty. Frosting and I are not the best of friends and fondant and my kids don’t get along since they don’t like the flavor. So I had to make a cake that on one hand could have frosting and that on the other hand the frosting could...

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Chocolate and Churros

  Hello! I was planning to start posting today about our laundry room but last night we got a little distracted making chocolate and churros.   In other words I didn’t have the time to get my post ready… that’s what happens when you are eating goodies with your family!   For me churros are all about memories and tradition. Churros have to be the official Spanish Treat! Actually you can find churrerias { Churro Shops } and Churro Carts pretty much in every city of Spain. picture source   One of the oldest Spanish traditions is to have churros...

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Memorial Day: A Day to Remember

Last night I was getting today’s post ready when I realized that Memorial Day is tomorrow. picture source   While searching the Internet a couple of days ago I came across this gorgeous painting. In one side of the wall there is a man, heart broken perhaps, and on the other side there are a bunch of soldiers, men and women touching and reaching for the hand of this man.   Such a powerful and tender scene made me think about something that I feel so near to my heart. I really believe that those that have passed away are a lot...

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