Day: April 11, 2012

Dining Room Makeover: The Forgotten Corner

I am not sure how my house madness makeover started but I am having too much fun to stop now!  The dining room started with our hutch makeover and the next thing I redid was the forgotten corner…    Trust me this corner was in great need of a makeover… this is how it used to look. I know what you are thinking… SAD.   The Table The table was not a table…it was actually a vanity.     The chair didn’t use to be a chair but a barstool. Nothing that a jig saw couldn’t change…     The silverware display used to be...

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I honestly think that every week is going faster and faster… How the heck is Wednesday and time to party AGAIN?   This week I’ve been having fun with my dining room! First I did the hutch…   After I did the forgotten corner.  This little space was so fun to do, take a peek.     …And now I can’t wait to see what you’ve been doing.   SHOW ME EXTRAORDINARY! You know what to do… If YOU made it share it! IF YOU DIDN’T MAKE it DON’T SHARE it! – PLEASE DO NOT LINK ROUND-UPS.   SHOPS OR GIVEAWAYS WILL...

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The Best Moments

Sometimes the best things you do don’t look the best in pictures…   Sometimes those things are done when it is dark and the light is not perfect…     Sometimes the best crafts you will ever make will never be pinned, or facebooked, or twitted but hopefully they would be remembered forever by the person that you made them with.       Sometimes those moments happen in a messy house with not a bit of make up… Sometimes between dinosaurs, glue sticks, markers and construction paper you get to remember that the most beautiful thing that anyone can ever call you is mama.  ...

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