Month: April 2012

My Favorite Paints and Tips

One of the questions I get asked often is what color of paint and brand I use. I normally try my best to add to my tutorials the products I use. However I thought it would be a good idea to have as a reference in one place some of the paints I use the most.     WHITE I use white paint a lot. One of the projects I recently did in white was my kitchen. { Click HERE to see the reveal.}   The color I used was the basic true white  from Olympic ONE.   The reason I chose...

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How to Wear Colored Jean

One of the BIG trends in fashion for this Spring and Summer are colored jeans.   Last week one of my sweet readers left me this comment on my Facebook Page: ” Can you do more fashion posts? I love your style and colors!! “   Dear Amber Laffey this post is inspired by you!   I put together four super colorful outfits all of them using COLORED JEANS    Summer-licious! Click HERE to find these items. This outfit makes me so happy! The reason why these colors work so well together is because blue and orange are opposite colors on...

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Best Barbecue Chicken Wings Recipe

  The weekend is here so I am sharing the perfect grilled feast for your friends and family.   I love finger foods. They are messy, fun and perfect for outdoor Spring weather. What makes these Grilled Barbecue Wings the best is the tenderness and the flavor, and how easy they are to make. You know by now how much I love easy!    Ingredients   Chicken Wings My favorite chicken wings come from Costco. You can find them in the frozen meat aisle in a 10 pound bag. What I love about them is that they have just the perfect amount of...

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16 Year Old Me

  I can’t believe that here I am with a mouth full of braces…   I am going to be honest with you as much as these braces are hurting me I know it would be worth it and I have to admit that I love to visit Simister Orthodontics.   What? Honestly I do… For me it’s a time out! Every time I visit their office I am surrounded by great people, awesome magazines and free chapsticks.  My favorite flavor is bubble gum. I am telling you Simister Orthodontics is a woman paradise! When they called me in yesterday I thought “Darn it… give...

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Easy DIY Projects Sticker Time and Party Time

Hello Friends! It is time to have Sticker and PARTY Time! Thank you so much for visiting with me last week and for sharing your DIY Projects at the link party!   I am starting today with this wonderful High-Waisted Sash Skirt by This Big Oak Tree.   I saw this skirt first on Pinterest and I was SO HAPPY when I found it over here. I like everything about this skirt, the choice of fabric, the big bow, the retro feeling. I am in love! I am giving This Big Oak Tree the…     Another sewing project was linked...

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