Day: February 29, 2012

Show Me EXTRAORDINARY! Chapter 44

  SHOW ME EXTRAORDINARY! You know what to do… If YOU made it share it! IF YOU DIDN’T MAKE it DON’T SHARE it! -SHOPS OR GIVEAWAYS WILL BE DELETED-   PLEASE Button up HERE and let others know that they can party here! Have fun and inspire me to create a new STICKER....

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We don’t get old we just get older!

    picture source   What the heck? I think I am starting to get older… and I think I like it.   I am here sitting on my couch, under a blanket, in my pj’s and with my robe on and I am STILL feeling cold. Yes the heater is on… This is not normal. Wait I have more! I woke up this morning and I was amazed by the size of my belly. It looked like back when I was around four month pregnant and then it struck me… wait a minute I am not pregnant. The hamburger that I ate back on...

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