Month: January 2012

Shrink Film Friendship Necklaces.

It seems like it was yesterday when it was me the one giving and receiving those precious friendship necklaces from my little friends at school. My Anni this year doesn’t just have one but two really good special friends. She wanted to make something special for them and this is what we came up with…  What I love about working with Shrink Film is that you can make custom charms in just minutes. It is easy to use, affordable and you can create pretty much any shape you want. This is basically what you’ll need: 1. White Shrink Film {...

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EXTRAORDINARY Guest: Secret Love Message Owl

  Hi there! I’m Sierra from the Blue Robin Cottage! 🙂    I am so giddy about the opportunity to guest post on my biggest blog crush: The 36th Avenue. Thank you so much Desirée! 🙂   Today I am sharing my Secret Love Message Owl tutorial with you!  If you have little ones, they will absolutely love finding a special secret message from you on Valentine’s day in this stuffed owl’s pocket.       I’m so stoked to get started!     * Fabric for body, wings, beak, pocket and heart pattern pieces   * Dark and...

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I think it was last Saturday when I was asking you guys for ideas for my new kitchen sign. This is what I came up with… { Oh how I miss my camera! }   I had to crop the picture a LOT because I don’t want you to see the rest of my kitchen yet! Just to let you know this is a 50″ long stencil.  You guys were so kind to leave so many great ideas that I made one EXTRA one for one of you!   I thought this sign would look so cute above the sink or kitchen...

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Sticker Time: Furniture Makeovers 2

This week there were a bunch of fabulous furniture makeovers at the Share YOUR Awesomeness Link Party, so I thought to share some of my favorites with you.   Let me start with this piece of art by Julia from 551 East I love the pop of colors against the navy blue. The inside of her drawers are painted too… make sure you visit to see the picture.   I am giving 551 East the brand new… ……………………….   This next one is SUPER ADORABLE! I am loving the transformation of this dresser by Ms Smartie Pants. By the way...

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YOUR Accent!

  …I am reintroducing myself to you. Why? First of all because I like YOU! Let me explain. A few days ago I had a few minutes on the phone with fabulous Jen from CraftOmaniac. Don’t you love her? I do! I had the chance to meet her for the very first time and share a wonderful girls night out with her yesterday. I am so lucky… I know. I had a blast! Here we are doing some shopping last night!     OK … lets go back to before we met. After… I don’t know, a few minutes on...

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