Month: October 2011

EXTRAORDINARY Guest: Vintage Lace Cuff

Hi friends! I’m SO excited Desiree asked me to share my vintage lace cuff with you today! I just love her!! I’m Jamielyn from I {Heart} Naptime … . . A little bit about me: I’m married to my best friend and a mother of two beautiful children (Carson age 2 and Emmalyn 7 months). They keep me pretty busy (see for yourself) but all the snuggles and kisses make it SO worth it! My family is THE most important to me and always comes first. I started my blog as a creative outlet in a little bliss during...

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Ok! I am not sure how many of you have read today my Blogger to WordPress post but let me share with you one of the comments I received… ” I see a lot of comments from people who have their own blogs, but I’m curious what the thoughts is for just the readers. Many of my favorite blogs have switched, too, and I hate to say it, but it’s not as “reader friendly” as the old formats and it makes me a bit sad. I liked being able to click once to my favorite blogs and scrolling. Now...

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Blogger to WordPress

First of all Happy Halloween Everyone! . I thought Halloween would be a good day to share one of the scariest things I’ve ever done: switching from Blogger to WordPress . . Are you Ready to Read? . As you know a month ago I hiked the huge hill up to WordPress Mountain and I jumped from the top of it  leaving Dear Blogger behind. I use this analogy because it really felt that way… I don’t have a HUGE blog but even though I felt terrified with the possibility of losing my followers, your precious comments and hours of work reflected on each post.  I...

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STICKER TIME: For the Home

I was thinking about you today… About the many faces I see every week that have become so familiar to me… and about the many faces I miss when you are not here for sometime. . I know I have said this before but I feel you are the friends I have never met but for some reason I know and I relate to. I love it! I love talking to you, sharing my projects and a bit of my heart here and there. I love your enthusiasm, your desires to create and to share… I just wanted to let...

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Peg Board and Accessories Station

  . . This project believe it or not is for my sweet husband. … We have been married for almost 14 years! My poor guy has not just put up with me but with my jewelry all over the place. Now I have to be honest it is not just jewelry since I admit to have an “accessory problem”  that includes belts, scarves, purses and shoes. Well… those messy  days are OVER honey 😉 . .… because I made a jewelry station that sits right inside of our walk-in closet. I think this is my new favorite place...

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